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HOW it works

Our engine uses a mathematical system to monitor visitor behavior and to develop a predictive model to estimate visitor's preferences and intent. And as more data is analyzed, the accuracy of the predictive algorithm is improved over time.

Then, it displays the best matches between visitor interests and available contents.

Visitor's intent and interests are continually and dynamically analyzed, using many different data points, like:

  • Individual behavior (new, returning)
  • Crowd behavior (content browsed, navigation patterns, product browsed)
  • Textual hints (search keywords, page content)

As with every relationship, when traffic and content have a meaningful connection, the results are far richer and longer lasting.

Predixit @ SMAU

Come and find us at Milan SMAU 2015


Date & Time From 21 to 23 October, from 9 am, come and visit us in Pad.1 at stand E1. You will be our guest. Please register and download a free entry.

WHY Predix.it

True personalization

Our real-time personalization engine understands the preferences and intent of each and every visitor and shows the most relevant recommendation content or products.
A powerful tool that allows everyone to accomplish what Amazon or all other big check does.

Increase engagement and sales

Our dynamic content recommendation engine will significantly increase visitor engagement, which is the key to converting visitors to quality leads and reducing cost-per-lead.

Zero integration technology

It takes just few minutes to set-up our solution, simply adding (copy and paste) our script into your website pages.

Easy to use

At Predixit we want to build products and services that are intuitive, useful, effective and simple to use.

Our supporters

Companies already improving their conversion rates with our solution:


  • E-commerce Website
  • +5000 Simultaneous Deals

Challenge: with over 5000 deals contemporarily available every day, Yoodeal.com needs to keep its users engaged and aware of the latest offers according to their interests.

Solution: Predixit recommendation engine enable Yoodeal.com to show customized deals, allowing the company to stay fresh in its marketing approach and achieve consistent YOY increases in performance marketing results.

Results: CTR +150% in 2014


  • Content website
  • +3 Million Visitors

Challenge: with over 3 Million page views per day, Gazzetta.it wanted to target his own visitors with relevant internal products - linked to his own online shops: www.store.gazzetta.it , www.football4u.it and http://www.cycling4u.it - and move them forward through the buyer journey.

Solution: Predixit recommendation engine enabled Gazzetta.it to target anonymous visitors with personal, dynamic content recommendations as they browse around the web pages and achieve consistent increases in online leads.

Results: CTR +200% begin 2015

About Us


Predixit helps organizations, particularly e-Commerce and Content sites (of any size), to increase sales and conversion rates by providing visitors with a personalized cross-channel shopping experience. Our recommendation suite includes: real-time product recommendations targeted on an individual basis and linked to your catalog and on-site sales patterns, extended consisted cross-device solution, behavioral triggered recommendations (e-mails, chart abandonment, : ), exit-intent technology (to grab your visitor's attention just before they leave). Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is really easy to install and enable to reap the benefits of our personalization technology without upfront investment.


Predixit, is an innovative partner for e-Commerce and Content sites looking to increase the conversion rate. We also can count on a strong advisory board that includes top executives in content website (RCS). Founded in 2014, Predyxit is headquartered in Milano (Italy).


At Predixit we want to build products and services that are intuitive, useful, effective and simple to use. We want to inspire and empower our people and our clients to achieve more than what they thought it was possible. We aspire to be transparent and honest, and strive to be better human beings. We will develop the best tools, analysis and data to better understand visitor interest and behavior, in order to display highly relevant and personalized contents. Our vision is that by creating a real-time product recommendations engine, we will provide ecommerce and content website with a powerful tool that will allow them to do things they thought only Amazon or a big check could accomplish.

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